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Keith Thompson FBIPP, FSWPP, AMPA

I  attended a photography presentation recently where the main speaker was Keith Thompson professional photographer. His main focus is in the wedding and portrait photography business, and throughout his career has collected many awards nationally for his work including 8 wedding photographer of the year titles. You can see his work on his website His presentation was focused on basic studio lighting techniques for portraiture shoots, some background to the business of his wedding photography and some Photoshop techniques that he uses.

The presentation started off with a slideshow of a recent wedding shoot, he explained that to remain competitive in business he tries to provide something unique to his work and where possible (a lot would depend on the client though) move away from traditional styles of wedding photographs. This could be seen from the slideshow; there was a definite ‘fashion’ feel to the photographs and I was very impressed with some of his ideas. Keith then showed another slideshow that demonstrated his studio portraiture work. What made the most impact was the way the lighting was used, a lot were high key in light, with very light backgrounds. He explained that that the lighting is the first thing to get right and he considers it to be the most important aspect of photography work.

A really enjoyable presentation.  

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