CD Single Artwork for Mark A.G.

New CD Single Artwork

I’ve been commissioned a few times on a variety of projects for singer & songwriter Mark A.G. So it was a pleasure to be asked to produce the artwork for his latest CD single. “The Problem with Love”

Mark’s brief was simple enough… “Blurred street lights” and “Thinking about the good and bad points about love during a drunken taxi ride home!”

After discussing the concept in a bit more detail; and trialling a few other art concepts first, we eventually came up with an abstract design below. The idea of it was to give you the impression of looking out of a car window, but not actually seeing or registering what’s there because the mind is drifting somewhere else.

The single is available to order on iTunes from today [Link]

You can also see more examples of my cover artwork that I’ve completed for Mark A.G. on these links Beautiful Flower and Louder.

Latest CD Single Artwork for Mark A.G (Singer & Songwriter). Commercial photography and design by Graham Baker Photography

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