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Portfolio Photography shoot for Singer Josh Hassell

Portfolio Photography – Sneak Peek

Brilliant  portfolio photography shoot yesterday with up and coming male vocalist Josh Hassell from Kent. We had great fun trying out different styles, both formal and casual looks; and both inside studio style as well some outside work with the resulting photographs intended to be used for promotional material and his website.

Josh is a incredibly talented young man with experience in many genres; pop, jazz, swing as well as writing his own material. I honestly believe he has a great future in the music industry; and certainly one to watch out for!

Above all a real pleasure to work with!

You can find out more about Josh and his music on his [facebook] page and [YouTube Channel]

Here are just a few sneak peeks from the shoot, before I process the rest. Enjoy!

Portfolio Photography Bexley London and Kent

Portfolio Photographer Bexley South East London and Kent

Portfolio Photographers South East London Bexley and Kent

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What should I wear for a portrait session?

What should I wear?

A photo session is about you and what I can do for you. I want you to feel your best and  be confortable with what you wear; in essence the more relaxed you are the more natural the portraits will be.

There is no right or wrong to what you would like to wear, or what you feel comfortable wearing; everyone is different so I’m certainly not going to demand you wear what I want!

The following few principles and clothing tips are just a guideline there is really no right or wrong in them, they are just observations that can help take your portraits to the next level.


Bright reds and oranges are close to skin tones and can distract from the face.

Light will reflect of very strong bright colours and this can lead to unwanted colour casts on the skin. Go for pastel and earthy colours instead.

Wear similar or neutral tones

Something that can be overlooked is the tones that you are wearing. A persons eyes are generally drawn to the lightest or highest contrast part of a photograph. For example; in a family group shot if one person is wearing a white top but everyone else is wearing dark tops then your attention will be drawn then the person in white. This is fine if there is a specific reason for doing so, but generally it’s better to blend more.

Wearing the same thing

A photograph is more interesting when there are differences; go for coordinated colours or tones rather than all wearing matching tops. Having layers can add interest too.

Avoid wearing busy patterns, branding and logos.

Stripes, spots, plaids, vivid prints, logos of any kind and busy patterns all tend to distract your eyes from a persons face; Keep it simple.

Keep to a style

If the shoot is casual, then all be casual! avoid mixing up formal with casual; think about the seasons too, mixing a summer dress with someone in a winter jacket is not really going to work!

Think in layers, darker to the outside with lighter in the inside.


Accessories are great, but where possible avoid anything with large shiny surfaces, for example a large belt buckle; again this could be distracting.


If you wear glasses all the time then feel free to wear them… we can work around reflections, remember we are going for what is natural to you and if you are used to having them on then you will be more relaxed

Longer sleeves over shorter

Reduces the amount of skin that can compete with peoples faces.

Fitted rather than baggy

Fitted clothing is much more flattering than baggy clothing especially on women; baggy can infer lager size and lacks shape.

Be clean!

You are having a portrait! A fresh clean and dry face can reduce shine and reflection on the skin in men; for women unless there is a specific reason go for light/powder makeup for the same reason.

A portrait is about capturing expressions but your hands may also appear during the session, think about clean hands and trimmed nails for both men and women and the kids!


… above all be comfortable!

As I’ve already said, these points are just guidelines and things to think about and to enhance your portraits; I want you to enjoy the session as much as the end result so I’m certainly not going to tell you to take of your favourite football shirt if that’s what you feel best in!

More Questions?

Please visit my portrait frequently asked questions section here [FAQ]

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