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“Life moves pretty fast…”

It’s the start of a quote from one of my favourite films that still holds true today; and while I’m sure many will find  their own personal meaning from the full quote, in essence it’s about not letting life pass us by and missing moments of life.

I believe there is nothing truer than this, than having a baby. Your life goes up a gear, priorities change and we stop thinking about ourselves so much; that first year feels like 5 minutes…

There are literally millions of instagram, facebook and other social media images of our precious ones posted all over the internet via smart phone cameras.

I wonder though, how many of those images we can honestly say will end up as a high quality physical photograph; something with intrinsic value and becomes a  family heirloom to be treasured for generations to come?

Well that’s why I created Great Baby Photography.  A separate website dedicated to  capturing key moments of life in a baby’s first year; and remembering them for generations to come!

Visit Great Baby Photography Here

I hold full public liability and professional indemnity insurance and I’m qualified with 2 Professional photographic societies; both the The Guild of Photographers and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, both of which stipulate high professional standards and code of conduct.

In addition for parents peace of mind, I have also undergone specialist posing and safety training for newborns and babies; an absolute necessity, for safety is paramount above all.

Based in Welling (London Borough of Bexley), I’ve been operating as Graham Baker Photography since 2010 and I cover a variety of photography services locally throughout South East London and Kent as well as throughout the UK and even abroad. More information about other types of photography commissions can be found on my other website Graham Baker Photography.

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