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For the family that REALLY needed a Fine Art Portrait Photography Session!

There is quite the story attached to this Fine Art Portrait Photography shoot for a family that nearly lost everything!

Bobby and Lauren had already booked us for a Newborn session for their first baby, however baby Paisley decided to arrive 3 weeks early at 07:52am on the 16th September 2017, weighing just 5lbs. 10 minutes later after making sure Lauren & the baby were all ok and settled, Bobby picked up his phone to take the first pictures of their new born baby boy. However, before he had a chance, his phone rang… and it was from his neighbour, which was strange, as they only ever call in case of an emergency. Firstly, the neighbour asked if they were safe, and assuming they were asking about the baby, Bobby explained that the baby had been born at the hospital and everyone was safe and well.

This is when things got real; not that having a baby three weeks premature isn’t real enough! Bobby’s neighbour told him to check the news about their apartment…


After hanging up the phone he immediately went online to check…

Even though he had been a dad for just a few minutes; and not even had time to take a picture of his son, the first pictures that greeted him saw were of his home and apartment block being engulfed in fire!

Given that they had just been through a traumatic premature birth, Bobby decided that it probably wasn’t the best time to tell Lauren that their home was being destroyed by fire! But despite remaining totally calm and collected (not sure how considering he didn’t know if they had anywhere to live) after a few hours passed, Lauren could tell that there was something wrong, so he had to tell her.  So, there they were in hospital trying to enjoy their first few hours of being new parents, but at the same time not knowing if that had a home to go to.

Bobby did an amazing job keeping Lauren comfortable and was determined to make sure that their special day was not completely ruined. He said to Me “I knew there was nothing I could do to change it, so I kept my mind on what I could do; and that was to be focussed on keeping my family safe and happy”.

The aftermath

Over the next few days Bobby was able to piece together more information about the fire. He found out that the Fire Brigade had done an amazing job containing the fire (and deserve as much praise as possible, with over 100 fire-fighters tackling the blaze!) by using Bobby and Lauren’s apartment as a fire cap to stop the fire spreading any further. So, while the fire destroyed the roof and all their possessions in the loft. Much of the apartment avoided the worst of the fire damage. What was left was completely water logged or contaminated by smoke, including baby Paisleys bedroom which had just been freshly decorated, ready for him to move into.

Bobby told me they have been VERY lucky. Who knows what would have happened if they had been at home, pregnant and trying to get out of an apartment filling with smoke, it doesn’t bear thinking about! They were also sensible enough to have taken out building & contents insurance which in time will enable them to slowly rebuild their home.

Moving forward

A week after the fire they were discharged from hospital after some minor complications from Paisley being born early; and their first night away from the hospital was in a hotel room. Many of the other residents of Holborough Lakes who had been effected were also staying at the same hotel. As as Bobby, Lauren and Paisley walked into the hotel lobby, the neighbours and other residents gave them a big round of applause, as well as finally getting to meet baby Paisley! Bobby & Lauren have been utterly overwhelmed with the amount of support from the residents including the donations at the baby crèche, nappy’s and wipes. One resident was even kind enough to look after Paisleys pram which Bobby had managed to salvage from the garage until they have somewhere to keep it themselves.

So, welcome to world baby Paisley; although you have no idea what’s been happening these past few months, you have had so much love and support from your extremely brave and loving family, friends and the residents of Holborough Lakes


… and to Bobby and Lauren; the least I can do is to ensure you have some wonderful framed Fine Art Portrait Photography to decorate your walls when you finally get to go home!

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