Schools Photography or not?

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Before we say anything else, this is NOT a dig at schools photography. Having had some experience in this genre, we can assure you that it is difficult to do well; in general, good schools photographers work very hard to provide an invaluable service to parents looking to record their children through their time at school. We had them when we were young and we’re sure many of you had them too; there is nothing wrong with it – It’s been a tradition for generations!


The other day our son’s brought home this term’s school photo ‘pack’.

We obviously had a close look, but as usual decided they weren’t for us. Not because we don’t see the value of what they are providing, but because we want something that has more meaning and quality (versus the quantity that school’s photographers have to process); and would look fantastic as a beautiful framed portrait up on our walls at home.

From the comments we’ve seen and heard from local friends, we got the impression there are many other parents out there that want the same as us…

Why the school photographs may not be for you?

You don’t want the same photographs as everyone else; you want something that’s had extra care taken to produce. Where time was spent making sure your child’s face was clean, their hair brushed and their clothes looking tidy and smart. You want something where the photographer has taken time to build trust and ensure that your children are comfortable; as well as making sure they have good posture and position within the shot, as well as bring out their personalities.

Because you want more variety of photographs to choose from; choice over backdrops and style (to match your home) and you also want more freedom to choose exactly what printed products you need, rather than being confined to print and gift ‘packs’ or images on a CD.

Is this you?

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Schools Photography or not? - Are you looking for something else?

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